Create a button round

It's possible creat a button round 360 ° ?

Will you please elaborate (specially 360°)


Ah, a circle button! :radio_button:

You can set the Text of the button to nothing, and set the Image of the button to the image.

hat is to say ?

You can have clickable image, and do what you can do with button, handling click event.

ok thank you :wink:

This is for a button inside the App? It is best to use an image if possible because the pixel pitch/shape of most modern phones differs slightly between vertical and horizontal.

That said, App Inventor offers the 'oval' shape and you can input equal height and width to get a circular button.

You can use this extension MakeViewUp Extension: beautify & customize android views

I just want to anwer @sg72 question, without need of any extension.
I know its too late but still answering for other beginners who stuck in this :slight_smile:
Just a simple method :
take a button, choose a specific size in pixel, i choosed 100pixel, now make both height and width both of same size, in my case 100-100 pixels
second, go to button shape property and choose oval, and u are done
Note: this method is only valid if u have specific size of button in pixel (not in percent or any other value)


This "solution" was provided two posts up from yours.....