Creat button double http

I created an app that uses my TV remote control.

My tv channels are generated by http

If I press the number 1 it generates Button 1 and button 1 http
If I press the number 2 it generates Button 1 and the http of button 2 etc

What I would like is to create a Button where the string 16 would appear all at once without pressing 1 + 6

The problem is: how to generate 2 http links in 120ms interval?

Try a Clock.

Web1.Url =
Web1.Url =


Web1.Url =
Web2.Url =

Try a Clock ?

You say you want to send one information and 120 ms after another, that can be done with a Timer with Interval 120.
Your network and its web server must accept these times.

It's work :slight_smile:
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