Creare bottoni multipli

Carico dei dati da un file, il file potrebbe contenere 1-2-10-100 record ogni record contiene una immagine da assegnare ad un bottone , è possibile creare direttamente dal codice un numero di bottoni tanti quanti sono i record contenuti nel file?

Google Translate:
Loading data from a file, the file could contain 1-2-10-100 records each record contains an image to assign to a button, is it possible to create directly from the code a number of buttons as many as there are records contained in the file?

Using native AI2 it is not possible to create buttons at runtime.

There are extensions that can create buttons at runtime, for example:

or you could review your workflow and use a webview to display clickable images or cards, for example:

The native AI2 method would be to add all your image info to a list, then display the next set of images on the same few buttons, replacing the existing set of images. You could have a Next/Previous setup too.