Crea directory con estensione" Taifun" problema

Good morning everyone and sorry.
Some of my apps make use of the "Taifun FIle" extension
But unfortunately, wanting to create a directory, from the indications received I must first create a file, save it in file manger / sdcard then, move it and save it in the directory. see images, it seems that without this trick it is not possible to create the directory, but another problem arises :.

when I start the app and the "Android" authorization request appears to write to the sdcard, if I click immediately everything proceeds regularly the directory is created, but if I wait a few seconds, the directory is not created and only the file remains in the root directory of android, how can i fix this?
There is another way to create the directory.Immagine1 Immagine2

there is no need to use the clock component...

in Screen Initialize use the AskForPermission block from the Screen drawer and ask for permission WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
in the PermissionGranted event use TinyDB to store, that the permission has been granted

then if you like to create the file check TinyDB, if the permission has been granted and in case of yes

  1. save and 2) move the file


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Thank you very much for taking your time to me.
I'm sorry, but you will have understood that I'm not a programmer but a subspecies of programmer, plus I'm Italian and believe me with all my good will I didn't understand anything

I would appreciate if you could send me pictures on how to proceed.
I saw that there are some errors and I understand that I should put these blocks on a button by eliminating the timers? Did I get it right?

If you send me for safety of your blocks I will not bother you anymore.

Try this:

Thanks again very much, now I try it and I will be able to tell you.

Thanks I used it all and it worked if you want to show me where to make a donation I'll be really happy to do it.
Of course, thanks also to those who created the two extensions.

One last thing, I did not know that there was the possibility to declare the authorization, on screen1.initialize and then check with Screen1.permissiongranted, it means that I can enter all the authorizations to be requested in this way and I will have no problems in publishing the app?

Because it was days that Google refused me the app and I still could not understand the reason today, I had to delete the sending of SMS to accept it, perhaps if I had entered the sms authorization in the same way in the code they would have accepted?
Where can I find relevant documentation or publications.

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Thanks for the offer, but there is no need to make a donation.
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For further questions regarding the Texting component (SMS) search the forum.

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