Crashing app on wifi view

I have checked it but normally when something like this happends it is a mistake i have made, but a change that makes my application crash from firebase must give problems to other than me. I changed the token on all screens with firebase connechtion. No change. I will write firebase if they have a reason for the crash. Thank you for the help.

Build this simple app from scratch and then check if it works.

You are right. When i changed the firebase to default it stopped crashing. This is so strange.


Do you mean the US-central server?

You were right after changing alle firebase tokens and Firebase urls to default and back to specifik ulrs and tokens made it work. Thanks a lot i would never have suspected the firebase was the problem.

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I thought it was solved, but after a short period the chrash returned. Ihave isolated the flaw to one firebase db, but the token have been changed and the url reinserted 1000 times nothing works. I see no difference on the to realtime dbs but one chrashes alle the time no matter which screen so the code is of the list of solutions. I have written firebase but no answers.

Show an example of your Firebase url

Also, if using the Firebase component, you do not actually need to include a firebase token (with a proper firebase project), you can leave that blank....

Of course we can continue guessing. .
Alternatively you just could use logcat


I have tried without token as well with the same result. I will look into ligicat if that can help

Please. You can change the sensitive part.

Or just confirm (screenshot) that you are using the us-central server.

I use the us central server

Database location: United States (us-central1)

I cannot put the url for my database on the internet. It is completely open in the building fase. But I can tell you the url is copied in the frontpage of the realtime database. I take it from the same place as the other databse and it works fine.

OK, thank you.

No thank you. I would not get this far with my project without this community, but this is really strange. Maybe i should just create a new db and see if this has the same problem. I dont like this kind of unsolved problems though.

It might be worth a try. Use a test aia project first, created from the beginning.

Maybe adding a Firebase Error event block with a call to a Notifier would be informative?

I changed all data for one firebase but i never found the reason. Thanks for all the help with the problem.


I used two firebase dbs and transferred the data to one with two directories. I still do not know why the app crashed every time i tried to use the second firebse db but now i can go on. Hopefully without getting the same problem again.

if you really want to find it out, then read again my contributions in this thread

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