Crashes and I don't know why

Hello everyone. I'm trying to make a Rosary app, and I had some trouble with the counter but I think I sorted it quite well. I'm very ignorant about programming, but I'm trying to learn.

My problem is that when it changes to the second screen, I don't know why but it crashes.

Thanks to everyone.


Replace the "while test" with an "if/else"

Also review your intialise statement - use if / elseif as opposed to many if/else statements

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Thanks! Now it works, but I don't know why the counter does not work. I mean, when I touch the next button (called "Siguiente"), it does not advance, just nothing happens.

If you can help me with that too, it'd be great. However, thanks a lot for that previous help.

All you are doing is changing the counter.....

You need to put everything you have in your Screen2.initialise into a procedure, then when you change the counter, call the procedure

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You are the best! Thanks!!

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