Crashes and ANRs

I tested my app run fine (successful) in my Oppo Android version 13.

should I ignore this error? or how should i fix it? looking for advice on the following error from googleplay console:
Error - Issue 1 of 1 - Detected on 1 device during testing

Process: appinventor.ai_jbenedictlow.Cloudifi_Global, PID: 24406
java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: length=0; index=-1
at java.util.ArrayList.get(
at com.sunny.CustomWebView.CustomWebView.getIndex(Unknown Source:26)
at com.sunny.CustomWebView.CustomWebView$WebClient.onPageStarted(Unknown Source:10)
at Fa.c(chromium-TrichromeWebViewGoogle.apk-stable-410410683:2)
at Cs.handleMessage(chromium-TrichromeWebViewGoogle.apk-stable-410410683:162)
at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(
at android.os.Looper.loop(
at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Native Method)

Hello Jason

It appears to be more than one issue - certainly a warning of "Fatal Exception" should mean your App is actually not running fine at all.

I can see you are using the Custom Web View, which is very robust - are you sure you have implemented it correctly?

Is your App using any other extensions? Are there warnings in the App Inventor Blocks work area?


Hello ChrisWard,
No Error notice.

  • Did you get any error messages from the Google Play Pre-launch Report?
  • Are there any negative user comments on this?
  • How many crashes occurred in which period and on which Android versions?
  • Could the crash be reproduced on one of your test devices?

If the answers to questions 1, 2 and 4 are negative, I would ignore the problem for now. If crashes accumulated, you would most likely get reactions from your users.

It's also possible that you haven't checked your app enough. Does your app accept any data or values from users? Is it sufficiently secured against entering incorrect data or leaving empty text boxes? Have you checked the various variants of your app's handling well enough?

Thank you, Anke and Patry.

Anke: 2 and 4 is nagative. 1 is positive.

Patry: I will check as to your responsed.


I don't support extensions, but this looks fishy.

What is the point of setting something to itself?

Then post screenshots of the Pre-launch report (regarding errors).

And please explain to me why you release an app when you already know (from the Pre-launch report) that there will be errors / bugs.

Nobody would do that in a reasonable way, because bad user ratings are then inevitable.

You are correct. Somehow this is needed to prevent the zooming or something like it...

It is a boolean, so set to true or false (logic blocks)

app is not released, it is set in googlepaly under internal testing.

Show full screenshots of the error message(s).

here are the sccreenshot

Ok, I had to do some digging to find such an error message in my Pre-launch reports. Your first screenshot is not complete. The affected device should also be listed below. You can click there to display details about the device and see a preview video of the test. Do that and see when the error/crash occurs.

Also let us know which device it is.

The vidoe can't be played.
Here the screenshot.

I have the same problem with Firefox. Try with Chrome.

i am using chrome

For me it works fine with Chrome.