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Good evening all,

I need your help again, please.

I am doing -as you can read in the Title- an app with a countdown slider; it works... well, not bad :smile: but I see that the slider has not an uniform movement, percent by percent or second by second, I mean, it moves whitout order, one time it moves in 10 seconds, another in 40 seconds... well, a disaster!

Do you think is normal this behaviour? Could it be caused by the slider size (90% of the HorizontalArrangement layout). Can I do something to improve it?

Thank you very much in advance,


P.S.: I re-send the image because the first had a mistake.

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How many seconds should be counted down?

See e.g. here:

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Hello, Anke.

The countdown must works from 30:00 minutes to 00:00.

I read previously the article that you tell me, but I don't find explanation to the trouble that I have presented, because, as I said, the behaviour is different every time, not ever the same.

Thank you for your help. Best regards,


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Something like this?
(I set the duration to 1800 sec = 30 min, using a ListPicker in one of my old projects)

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Try this:

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Yes, Anke, this is exactly what I want to see, a uniform rythm of the slider, without nonsense jumps, like my app do. Do you mind to teach me how you did it? Because there is one thing in my app that I don't understand: I'm sending every second the Slider1.ThumbPosition value (I think it):


So, why it doesn't take them? Why these horrible and nonsense jumps of the slider?

Thank you very much one more time for your effort and for your patience whit me. Best regards,


Post the aia. I can take a look.

Here it is.

Thank you very much again, Anke. Best regards,


MIT_AI_2.aia (5.0 KB)

Until now, the Slider is always divided into 100 positions, this produces those jumps.

We hope this changes in future updates.

Try this code

Instead of using Slider, you can use Canvas like in this example from @TIMAI2

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Thank you so much, Juan Antonio, for you help, I'll try it.

Recibe un cordial saludo,

Joaquín. -

Here a simpler method, using a label instead of a slider:


labelCountdown.aia (3.6 KB)


Here you go:
MIT_AI_2b.aia (73.8 KB)



Theme: Device Default

You might want to switch to Theme "Device Default":




That's why I posted the above link in post #2.

Good idea @TIMAI2 !

We can also use several HorizontalArrangements with a background image.

bor_slider_automatic.aia (10.9 KB)

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But in your case the Label.Width (instead of Slider) only changes every 20 sec and not continuously, as with my approach (using a Slider).


Btw, the same applies for @Juan_Antonio's approach.

every second

Admittedly, for longer durations, I could have used more mathematics to evidence a movement on each tick of the clock.

Juan Antonio, I'm doing something wrong, it doesn't work for me. :thinking:

I'll insist.

Thank you so much for your help,

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What code are you using? Upload your .aia

I don't think that the behavior of the width of the label (e.g. for 30 minutes, what the user wants) can be mathematically circumvented. But I like to be surprised.

Did you try my aia (→ MIT_AI_2b.aia (73.8 KB)?
If so, does it work for you the way you wanted?