Could testing on one device for all my students' apps alter the answers?

My students are coding a quiz app from the Mobile CSP curriculum, and they have the correct code. But sometimes the result reads ‘correct’ and then ‘incorrect’ on the same app later. Also, apps with the same exact code work differently. There are not too many parts to check for errors…

There is no database in use, but could it be related to me testing them all on one device?

For example, I thought I found an error in one of the Screen Initialize events, so I changed it and it worked. Then I closed the app and restarted the same program, and now it doesn’t !

Thank you!

Installed/compiled apps or aia projects with companion ?

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aia projects with companion

Are all of your students working on the same project through, or are they sharing the .aia file between different accounts?
iirc, if multiple people work on the same project (on code.appinventor) at the same time, some changes may not save.

not even tinydb ?

Using companion means that the same assets and other resources (e.g. tinydb) may be still present, because the app is actual the companion app ( and not the "app" of the aia project.

Without seeing an example aia, difficult to say more...

Oh sorry. This is a Quiz app from our curriculum. They don't share or write them together (can you even do that?) They don't have a tiny db in their programs, but we did have one a while back - but the tags are not referenced and those had locations and lat longs in them.

I will attach a file. But you would probably have to have a few files to test what was happening on my phone and tablet as I tested them. I added 4 here

By the way, they worked on the students individual devices with the companion app, but only some of them worked, even when they all had the same exact code. (they are following a tutorial).

NoorQuizAppTemplate2_copy.aia (118.3 KB)
KeeganQuizAppTemplate.aia (118.2 KB)

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QuizMattWeise.aia (118.2 KB)
QuizAppCompleted.aia (170.1 KB)

Can't see anything there that might cause a problem. Are you resetting your connection between each aia?

Ok thank you for testing those! Yes I reset it... Did you?

The error was when I was running them. The correct answer kept saying incorrect answer...

Even on the same aia file during the same testing run. It would say correct and then later it would say incorrect on the same student's app during the same connection

I see the Completed project well. The only problem I see with Matt Weise is that the answers are sensitive to capitalization. The AnswerTextBox should be reset between questions.

In both cases, a trim block would also be useful to avoid errors due to spaces at the beginning or end.

But I think these things don't explain what you're saying...

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Thank you so much.

It is weird. I will have them all run theirs and their neighbor's apps when we get back on Monday to see what is going on. It will be annoying if I cannot test their apps lol

Check the app name in project properties to verify built apps go their separate ways

Hi there,
Thank you for the suggestion. They all say Quiz App. So if I make those blank, it could work as I'm expecting?

I tried that but nope. Keegan's is the only one that is working now... Oh and the one from App Inventor - the QuizAppCompleted one

Matt Weise has an error:

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Oooo good catch!!

That's one down, one to go!

The app name properties control the .apk file name and are needed to avoid overwriting other apps on the phone which might have the same name.

Blank is not an option here.

Instead ask for student name combined with app name to keep this all separate.