Could someone look at this screenshot and fix my code?

For some reason, the ListPicker doesnt work. Every item in the list has "0" in it, instead of the actual amount of times its in the list. Also, I want the sendEmail to be called when the instances of the item in the list are equal to/greater than three, but it doesnt work. Could someone help?

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A few comments:

  • What you have in Screen.Initialise appears a) irrelevant, and b) does nothing

  • Don't use list to name a list, give it a descriptive name that relates to what it contains, e.g. userList

  • Because you save a joined string to the user list, e.g. Jim 1 or Bob 7

  • your findInstancesOf procedure will always return 0. Change the conditional test as follows:

  • Your afterPicking event will probably always send an email. Is that what you want ?