Cose strane che mi succedono

Hello everyone,
a strange thing happens to me; practically in this procedure; the LblGiorniRimanenti label does not react to these conditions; unless I right click the mouse..Do It..only at that point, the response from the label arrives.

You can use image to make your blocks simple.

lableA.text =quotient of (labelB.text, 24)


Try to use the variable directly and not the label text

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Blocks in initialize are only executed once, after app launch. Initialize can be done before the labels are loaded with text. Therefore, it may not work. Use a small delay with a timer or use variables or tinydb to check conditions.

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As per Patryk's comment, that is probably the fault - but you should not have Blocks like that in Screen Initialization, put them in a Procedure and call the Procedure as the last function of the Initialization Block.

Do you have a default text value for the label in Designer view? what's the text?

You are absolutely right, in fact I removed the blocks from the initialization..and now it works.

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