Copying project to another .gmail account

I have used my normal Gmail account as my app Inventor account. All of my projects are in that account. I have discovered, and I do not like, that files that my app stores when it is run go into a directory, created when the app is installed, whose name includes my gmail account tag (which I have found happens when I run my app on my android phone and tablet), so I wish to copy my working project to another seperate gmail account whose name I do not mind being partially public. I would prefer to be able to log in to App inventor without an account (which I have been shown how to do) and work on my project there, but how can I get access to my existing App Inventor projects in either case? TIA.

Download all projects from your gmail account AppInventor to your computer

Upload all projects from your computer to your non/preferred gmail account AppInventor

thank you.

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