Copy project with another name

I want to copy an existing project to build an other one with some minor differences.
but when i copy existing project and change the copy name, after compil it' the same package name so it delete my other project...

is there a way to built a new project from an old one with an other name ?

Purtroppo non รจ possibile rinominare lo stesso progetto con lo stesso nome del progetto vecchio; ma bisogna cancellarlo manualmente.

Project->Save As with your new name, and then look in Screen1 for the attribute(s) that control app name.

No i don't want the same project but just use existing one to built a new one with an other name and package

this is not correct
if you rename your project, you will get a new package name

EDIT: but if you do not change the property AppName in screen1, then it still will use the app name of your previous app... therefore you might want to adjust the app name there...
see also


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