Copy image using TaifunFile

i have to do this:

  1. I have to take an image from the gallery
  2. resize it
  3. rename it
  4. send it on my web space.
    I take the image with ImagePicker and resize it with TaifunImage Extension.
    How do I rename it?
    I am trying using TaifunFile.copy but cannot find the renamed file on the smartphone.
    Thank you

Show your (relevant) blocks.

Did you ask for WRITE permission?

You must ask for WRITE permission, because the Taifun File ext. does not ask for it automatically.
See the description: App Inventor Extensions: File | Pura Vida Apps

Yes, I ask for WRITE permission




you are currently saving to the private directory for the app

I put a path where to save and it works!

No, this path won't work:


The path should be eg:
/storage/emulated/0/Pictures/xyz.jpg or

or as @TIMAI2 said, use the relative path:

which copies the image to the root directory of the "internal storage" (so called on your device, which is actually an "external storage").

I checked it again and actually found that
has the same effect as
with Taifun's File extension.

So as I said, the image is located in the root dir of the internal storage:

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