Copy and Paste blocks on iPad

Our students use iPads so they're using App Inventor via a web browser on the iPad.

I'm finding that the backpack feature doesn't seem to be working to copy and paste blocks. I've tried dragging the code block over the backpack but it's not "opening".
I've also tried tapping the backpack icon and it doesn't "open" either.

I've tried it in the Safari and Google Chrome app.

Any suggestions or tips on how I can copy blocks?

Are they in desktop mode?

Unfortunately, the way the backpack was implemented it only responds to mouse events, not touch events. However, if you've got the magic keyboard or another iPad external keyboard you should be able to use the standard cmd+c and cmd+v to copy and paste the blocks as a workaround.

Also the right click does not work so well on a touch screen, it should be a long press and it has a problem.
Note that the lack of touch screen support also removes the support on touch screen computers

I'll have to look at what Blockly is doing these days as they provide the logic for the touch gestures in the blocks editor. The challenge with a long click is that you have to figure out whether the long touch is really a touch versus a very short drag. Using two fingers as a right click gesture (similar to what the Mac trackpad does) seems like a less ambiguous way although it reduces discoverability since you need to know to use two fingers instead of one.

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Thanks for replying promptly! I will let my students know that it's possible to do with a bluetooth keyboard attached. If they have no keyboard, they will have to manually re-create the code blocks.

I tried the two finger tap and long presses to see if I could open the backpack but that didn't work.

(Interesting side note - On the iPad, dragging a block of code in Scratch from one sprite to another or to the Stage will work and replicate the blocks but not to the Backpack. Not relevant to App Inventor but felt like mentioning it.)