ConWord - App to generate words for conlangs

A few months ago I learned what conlangs are. I eagerly started creating my own conlang. Everything was great, but as the number of words increased, I found it difficult to find new words, and I noticed that the phonetics of the language was broken in the words. And now I came up with the idea of creating a new application to help conlangers. (App's UI is very bad, must be improved.)

How it works
App uses English alphabet (soon IPA). In the beginning, all the letters are enabled. But if you want to disable any letter, just click on it (for enabling click on it again). After choosing the alphabet, build the word structure. "C" and "V" are consonants and vowels respectively. Pressing delete will remove the last character from the word structure. Finally press Conword to generate new word.


  1. Creating classes. For example some languages do not use "p" in the beginning of the word.
  2. Creating presets. Users wants to save their word structure to use it later.
  3. Better UI.


CONWORD.aia (37.0 KB)


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Hi Nyctophilia

You might like to explain here what 'conlangs', 'conwords' and 'IPA' are/mean.

Conlang - Constructed Language
IPA - International Phonetic Alphabet
Conword - Constructed Word

Could you give some examples? I think that is what @ChrisWard is asking for?

Constructed Languages are made by a person or a group, which is unnatural. Conlangs can be used in worldbuilding or films. Elvish is a conlang used in The Lord of the Rings
IPA is used for representing speech sounds. And conwords are created words for conlangs.

Can you give some words generated by your app.

Enabled letters: a, b, d, e, i, l, m, n, o, p, r, u
Word structure: VCCVC
Generated 5 words: idrun, umdom, ullin, upper, erdor, orrad

So Klingon is a conlang?

No, Klingon is a real language. How dare you :grin::grin::grin:




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