Converting two string data to be float value

Hi. I want to change two data type from string into float-type number. The data i have gotten is from the Arduino that is connected with GPS Module Neo-6M. The data will be sent and displayed as coordinate of person's position in the app using map and marker feature.
I had created the blocks and followed several suggestion to convert string type data to float type data. But, it didn't work. The error message said the operation * cannot accept the argument of string data and 1 (1 is integer).

Please give me suggestion to let the data is shown in the app.

Here is the design off application and the code for sending data from Arduino.

GPS_Ard (1).aia (4.3 KB)


Look what you had left in Label3 (and Label4) in the Designer:

Both had whatever AI2 stuffed in there when you dragged them into Screen1 from the component pallette .

That text is definitely not a number.

Now look at what you try to do with those .Text values at Screen1.Initialize time, before any chance to put real data in there:

See those 'x 1' multiplications?

That's how you got your error.

Why even try the multiplication so early?

P.S. Your Bluetooth Delimiter handling looks okay.
Shame you didn't get that far.