Converting to web application

How can I convert the app made with app inventor to a web app so many people can access it without needing to install the apk file and without the need to upload the app to the market?

BTW, Thinkable has offered this feature recently.

Any ideas???

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Not possible with AI2. Thunkable X is a different thing to to MIT AI2 so what’s possible there is not necessarily possible here. And even if it is possible it won’t necessarily be implemented. Thunkable, Kodular etc are for developing commercial apps. AI2 is primarily a learning tool.

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OK. Then, how can I get the javascript equivalent for the app. If I can get it, I can embed it on a simple html file to make it a webapp, can’t I?

Write the javascript equivalent…

How can I get that equivalent??

You will have to write it. There is no conversion from an MIT AI2 app to a javascript/html format

You can do it with Spider Basic:

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I found this topic because I was wondering about the same thing: convert ai2 apps to websites. The last message on this topic is more than a year old, any updates on this topic or new progress toward this direction? or has anyone tried with Spider Basic suggested by ChrisWard with success?Thanks.

I think of a new idea!!

What about making the app using Google Blockly platform, then converting it to javascript using the same website.
If you can do so, you can embed the code in any web app.

Disadvantages: You can not use some ai2 features because Blockly contain the basic features only.

How did thunkable do it then? or is it a good idea to start with PWA from the beginning instead of these platform specific tools. BTW, when u develop for iOS, they will bleed u first.

What about something like emulator server where you will install the apk and it will be accessible to everyone?

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