Converting of app inventor blocks to JavaScript (is USSD possible?)

Show us the API?

Pls could you explain further . I don’t quite understand what u meant with that statement

which API are you using? any link to its documentation?
and don't forget to learn


I really don’t know but what I am supposed to do is I need to integrate my app to the api so as to connect it to the ussd service


Why are you persisting with this? Have you obtained a license agreement with a Service Provider to use their USSD? If so, your questions should be directed to that company concerning their API, should an API for 3rd parties actually exist.

Okay thanks ! I will definitely reach out to them

I will appreciate if I could be given some questions that I could ask the service providers

Yes I want to obtain a license that is why I am asking all these questions

So I was making some experiments in order to convert my app inventor aia or apk into a programming language

and so I decided to open the aia on a notepad and it seems it is encrypted, do u think there is a way for me to decrypt it ?

the blocks are the code, App Inventor is the programming language
you might want to read this thread from the beginning again...


I have been able to convert it to java

Hi Herin
You will need this link to help you:

Hello chrisWard, I believe you are well. I have almost the same problem as "Hervin love". Only that I would like to automate the USSD process in an app to allow people to pay with the app. I have already found a site that automates all USSD processes in Africa without going through the telecom operators. Only that the example of this integration is done with Android studio. I would like to do it with App Inventor. This is the site:

There is a whole documentation there disappointed and the integration with Android studio is very easy, only that I am very comfortable with the blocks of the Inventor app language than the java codes (Android studios)

Can you help me please!

To use the Hover API, you would have to write an Extension for App Inventor.

If you can't do that yourself, you can add a Topic to the Extensions forum with the Topic Title prefixed 'Suggested Extension' and explain what you need the extension to do.

However, I note that subscription to Hover is expensive - beware of that.

Thank you very much. If not, do you have another alternative for me? Yes I hadn't paid attention. It's too expensive. Because I'm really looking to build an app that automates this USSD process. the only way I know of is Hover USSD. Unless you have an alternative that can help me.

Hello John, I don't know but it is very likely that Hover have to pay the telecom providers. That is certainly the case here in the UK. We do have Apps here to automate the process, they are all provided by the telecom companies themselves or large third parties.

Perhaps that's what you would need to be - a large third party company that buys time on a big network and resells it to private users.