Converting numbers to text strings

Newbie problem.

I'm trying to translate time values to their written textual equivalents

3:15 pm as 'A quarter past three.'

My daughter is autistic and readily becomes anxious about numbers. Having a clock without numbers would be an asset.

Thanks for any help

This javascript comes close:

You could use the webviewer/webviewstring to do the conversion.
There doesn't appear to be any "built-in" function to do this.

How coarse do you need the rounding?
5 minutes?
10 minutes?
Just quarter and half hours?

Hello Keith

I think you can do it easily with a List of pairs of hours in numbers + words, and a List of pairs of minutes in numbers + words. (including quarter, half etc). Your example should include am or pm in the text version.

So, you can write a procedure that reads the current time, looks-up it's elements in the Lists and builds the textural time with those List Items.

The snag is, you can't build the App as an always-running-clock because that requires Android Background Services and App Inventor does not support them. There are other easy-to-use languages that do, if that (a clock) is what you need.

Here is my effort on this, not pretty but seems to work OK.
Handles every minute
Uses a quarter to, a quarter past, and half past
Uses textToSpeech to speak the time

SpokenClock.aia (8.2 KB)

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So generous of you all to respond so quickly.

I'll look these over. Thanks for the support!