Converting a text to a list of words

I have a text that words have been separated by ( , ) and I want to convert it to a list but I don't know how?

My text : "ab,aa,af,sq,am,ar,hy,as,ay,az,ba,eu,bn,dz,bh,bi,br,bg,my,be,km,ca,zh,co,hr,cs,da,nI,en,eo,et,fo,fa,fj,fi,fr,fy,gl,gd,gv,ka,de,el,kl,gn,gu,ha,he,hi,hu,is,id,ia,ie,iu,ik,ga,it,ja,jv,kn,ks,kk,rw,ky,rn,ko,ku,lo,la,lv,li,ln,lt,mk,mg,ms,ml,mt,mi,mr,mo,mn,na,ne,no,oc,or,om,ps,pl,pt,pa,qu,rm,ro,ru,sm,sg,sa,sr,sh,st,tn,sn,sd,si,ss,sk,sl,so,es,su,sw,sv,tl,tg,ta,tt,te,th,bo,ti,to,ts,tr,tk,tw,ug,uk,ur,uz,vi,vo,Cy,wo,xh,yi,yo,zu"

And I need to have a list like this from this text;
Index 1 = ab
Index 2 = aa
Index 3 =af and. Etc...

list from csv row

Note that the AI2 list index starts at 1, not 0.

List from Csv:

ListFromCsv.aia (2.2 KB)


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...if your goal is actually a ListView, you can simply apply your Csv to it:


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