Converting 3 listviews into 1

Good day,

I wanna covert 3 listview items into 1 new listview.


Listview 1- Image
Listview 2- Name
Listview 3- ID

New listview:
Image- Listview 1
Main text- Listview 2
Detail text- Listview 3

If I do the blocks according to "item block" then only gives me the first item or duplicate item.

If I do the blocks according to "number block" to get the length of the lists then gives error because can not read the index.


That sounds like YAML format.

Search this board for YAML.

Sorry, I missed the part about the image. - ABG

show your relevant code screen shot

Do you want to display the image (not the name of the image), name and ID all together in one row of a listview?

Not on my laptop now but can post blocks later.

I wanna display the image.

I wanna basically create an element with all 3 listviews in 1 new listview.

Image- Listview 1 item (showing the image)
Maintext- Listview 2 item
Detailtext- Listview 3 item

Watch this video from @Susan_Lane

You can also create a set of listview elements programmatically:


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