Convertidor zip a aia

Hello, does anyone know how I can convert these files to * .aia!
do not use this page because it does not work for me !!!
there's another way?

Where did you get those files?

Zip them using 7-Zip as AIA.

Hello I don't understand your message ... I have many files in the same way I need to know how to make one *. Can you explain better to me? Thank you

I have people who share their projects with me but they send them to me this way

Let me be more clear.
Here is how it should go:
1)Open zip folder.

2) Select all and right click there.

3)Click on 7-Zip > Add to archive

Now you just have to replace zip with aia.

And then click on ok.


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Sorry, but I don't have the options you indicated, in fact I only had winrar installed and I downloaded winzip and it still doesn't give me that option, in the part of the title inside add to the file, just change the zip extension for aia and when I went to import it from the inventor app, it tells me that the format must be aia, that is, it does not recognize it !!!

I solved it just by changing the name from the zip folder to aia .... and I accept it so I don't even need winrar or winzip, incredible!

gracias @vknow360

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