Convert place to city name

Hi, I wanted to know how the user can automatically show his location on the map and turn it on by turning on the sensor, and wherever the user points, I want to separate the name of the location as text for me. (Because I want to get the weather and the name is in English)

See the weather section in Gordon's List of Free / Freemium Web APIs!. for several possible api's that could be used to get weather information for a specific location.

Use the Map component to get the geocoordinates of any location on the Map (Map1.DoubleTapAtPoint or Map1.TapAtPoint ). Most weather api's use the latitude/longitude coordinates to select the correct weather data. This tool provides them.

I want the user to select the desired location from the map

  • Use the Map component to get the location you tap as a latitude and longitude. This allows the user to select a location from any place he/she selects on a Map.
  • Use a weather api (weather service) and the Web Get control and use the latitude and longitude of the place tapped to query the weather at that location.

Sorry I did not understand can you please run on an aia file
When the user selects a place, write the name of the place below in a text separate from the map

Not possible with App Inventor. Doing this is reverse geocoding. App Inventor cannot do this except for the location the user is at as determined by the LocationSensor. He/she can get a CurrentAddress
as described here Reverse GEOCODE from custom Lat Long


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not address available

what is it

No address available indicates either the LocationSensor cannot resolve the exact address or the CurrentAddress is not available in Google's database.

Now that means there is no way to calculate the user's weather position automatically

:cry: No. You do not need the place name; you only need it's geocoordinates and you need to use a weather api. No address available means you have the coordinates but the name of the location is NOT in Google's database.

Hahaha we are nowhere :rofl: We are on Mars which is not registered in Google :joy: :joy:

The following tutorial and its app can Convert place to city name (where 'place' is the latitude and longitude geocoordinates).