Convert online to offline all sheet data

Hi Everyone,
I Create one project used Google Sheet Data Read. This Project was Already Completed, I can Use This App only online for sheet data read. But Now I have Need to use this app Offline.
Hat can I do?

Well, when offline, you need to prevent calls and updates from and to your google sheet, and store any changes locally (e.g. tinydb), which can then be updated later when back on line.

You would also need to ensure that a copy of the latest data from your google sheet is always stored in the device, in order to work on the data when you go offline.

If the app is also used by other users/devices, problems could arise if they update/change the same data as your device.

Sir, any exaple aia for storing data to Google sheet using TinyDB?

What method are you using to upload data to the google sheet ?

Here is a discussion on how to transfer data from a TinyDB to a Google sheet: Help ! Tiny DB with Google sheet


In the CRUDQII demo, there is quite a lot of work to do in order to handle being offline.

  1. Store (tinydb) and retrieve last successful READ function (so that there is data even when offline)
  2. Store (tinydb) data and function for CREATE and UPDATE functions that cannot be sent
  3. Store (tinydb) data and function for DELETE function that cannot be sent
  4. Methods to handle/process each of the above stored datas when online becomes available again, including a check as to whether another user may have changed the item your might be changing!!

This would require a complete re-write due to the number of changes, the change in workflow.

Quick solution:

Prevent any changes if no network > if not connected

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Ok sir. Thank you

Oksir. Thank you