Convert numbers to inverse and symmetric

Hi, I wanted to see if there is a block that inverts numbers, for example, 2 becomes 1/2, that is, I want to be separate, which is 1 code, and 2, which is another number, is another code, because I want it to be a fraction, and vice versa. 1/2 becomes 2 and also the symmetry of example -2 becomes +2 and vice versa

There isn't a specific block but you can create custom procedures for that

How can you tell more?

Why not try for yourself, have a look at the maths blocks available and see what you can do...

If you need fractions, I believe there is an extension for that....

I looked in the math block but nowhere did he say inverse or symmetrically write negative but he did not write these.

I have a problem with the negative number

I understood

I have a problem with the reverse, but I made the symmetry, please help me

Use the block reverse the list or you can use list add-on extension

I fixed it only with the blocks of the Hooray app

It was enough to consider the fraction as 1 and the denominator of the fraction as the input number

Please help me I can not do something that turns 0.1 to 10

In basic maths its 0.1*100 = 10, but I don't believe you want to do it like that. Explain...

I want if the user enters the number 2, for example, he gets 1/2, and if he enters 1/2, he gets 2.

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Actually I know a way to do that. It will take some html files by the way.


This can be directly input. Whereas, the fractions we see in our Maths book, needs the html files. And I have the HTML files ready.

Would be giving the html if you tell exactly what you want to do.

Try working with Taifun's Maths extension

Can you please tell me

Does it also have the inverse suffix

Why don't you try it and see how it works for you?