Convert my app to ios

To whom this may concern

I want to make a ios version of my application and connechtion to firebase. I have been trying to find the easiest way for this task. Have anyone experience as a connechtion to the database and data reading and writing is esssential and must be useable fore both versions.

  1. You can create an aia project for iOS, and use the iOS comanpion to preview your work
  2. You would need to use the web component to connect to firebase, because you cannot use extensions in iOS projects
  3. You cannot (yet [24/07/2023]) build/compile an iOS app (.ipa) using AppInventor

I have seen this is a project and has been this since 2021 is there progression or is it a project with a longer view?

It is currently available to a small number of beta-testers testing this feature.

Ok this is a bug hunt so the release may be here shortly.

This means i must build a new app in another program for ios to build my ipa version? Any recommendations to which program is similar to app inventor but ios compatible?
I cannot use extensions like sidebar and google account, but there will probably be a similar system.

Thunkable does iOS

I use Delphi community edition for android apps and iOS apps
The programming language it turbo pascal it’s is similar to Visual Basic

I want to use mit app inventor for apps
I am waiting on the iOS release

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