Convert Checkboxes into RadioButtons

Good day for everyone. Here some my blocks, which allow to convert Checkboxes into Radiobuttons (by function, not by view). The aim - click on checkbox1 make status "checked" for it, and "unckecked" for checkbox2. Repeated clicks on checkbox1 does not uncheck it.

Solution proposed By Anke in this topic does not work for me, because it uncheck checkbox1 when I'm clicking on it once again. So, I tried this and it's worked. My solution looks complicated a bit, maybe somebody will suggest something more simple?

This can be simplified by adding a list of check box components and switching to generic blocks.

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If you will have a time, can you show an example?

The search terms are 'radio button ' in this board.

This solution:

makes checkboxes uncheckable.
Anyway, thank you for response

See here

Yes, it from this topic


This should be "item" not component

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Do you have a solution now ?

Didn't checked yet, I'm sure it will work, but, as you wrote in mention topic:

Selecting any checkbox will tick it and clear the other checkboxes, selecting a ticked checkbox will clear it, and leave other checkboxes clear also.

It's not match a little with my aim. Selected checkbox should not be cleared. Moreover, I have two different functions dependent on checked option. I think, I can identify it by name, but, as I said before, checkbox should not be cleared.

Why use checkboxes for this?

A List Picker does this naturally.

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The radio button clears the remaining fields, only one field is always selected.

Yes. My blocks do exactly the same.