Convert an apk file into an aab file

Is it possible to transform an apk file into an aab file? in the apk file it is possible to modify the permissions requested by the app, while in the aab file it is not possible, so if it were possible to transform an apk into an aab you could publish your app on the play store with the permissions you want and remove those not necessary, for example my apps do not require internet access and I would like to publish them on the play store without unnecessary permissions.

I think MIT should have got that sorted for APKs - but permission requirements today are different anyway. Have you built an aab file and explored the permissions in it?

Where is the problem with declaring those non-dangerous permissions in the Manifest?
Users will not notice it on their devices running Android 6 and above.

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Thank you very much Anke

Thank you very much ChrisWard