Convert a dynamic website to an android app

Hello, How to convert a php dynamic website with database in mysql to an android app?

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First of all, try to replicate your website.
If you have a login page on your website with a username text box, password text box and a login button, then create those on your screen in AppInventor.

For tips on MySQL, see here

By this, do you mean a website with dynamic content pulled in from a database or something else?
Because apps do not work like websites.
In a website, you can change the source code, refresh the page and your site is updated.
But in an app, you cannot do so.
Android apps are generally downloaded from an app store such as Google Play Store.
From there, all further updates to the app are sent via the app store or in-app-updates.

Hi Alaqmar, yes. Why must I replicate the website which is a lot of things to recreate?
Can I use a Webview to view my website in an android app and how to do that?
Thank you.

Your title stated "convert", that is why i thought so :expressionless:

You can use this block of the webviewer

Also try this extension for more features -

Hi Alaqmar,

Where to place call WebViewer1.GoToUrl code or can you show me a video or step by step screenshots from scratch for me who is a beginner?


If your app starts and it should just load the website, put it in the screen1.initialize block

I already saved it to my computer as .apk file but how to to run it. Why doesn't it display as

Can I also upload my php with my mysql database files via upload media?

Thank you.

It doesn't work because you haven't typed https:// or http:// in the beginning of the URL it only works if you add that.

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what would be the benefit for the user?
why not having a responsive webpage, which can be used on any device just by using a browser?


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by icon24 Taifun.

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How can help me? Because I want my php dynamic website with database in mysql to be published to a google playstore also.

What can MIT app help if WebView tool in the MIT app can display, what I created the website from my computer, in mobile devices for google playstore app? But will mysql database be able to work properly to display such as school database records on any mobile devices with WebView or CustomWebView like how it display the school records on a browser?

I tried to upload CustomWebView by=

but it can't be uploaded. How to add it to my MIT app tools?

Thank you.

Hello, How to add an chat app, which I created & saved it as an .apk file in my computer with the mit app inventor, on to my website hosted in a shared web hosting? Thank you.

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If you've saved the compiled app as an APK file, you can host it anywhere so that others can install it. Note that end users who install your app will need to enable installing apps from unknown sources unless you publish the app through the Google Play Store.

I guess this is a HTML related query, see here

Hi,Do I modify the code as <a href="/mitfolder/app.apk" download?>
Then how to modify the code for this= <img src="/images/myw3schoolsimage.jpg" alt="W3Schools"?


Hi Jaz

Could you explain what you want to do very carefully - how about a simple sketch/drawing? I think we have the wrong end of the stick about what you want to achieve.

Hi ChrisWard,

I have a website written in php & mysql. I want to add a chat app created in mit app to be added to my website so that when people browse my website, they can use the chat app on the website. I also want my website with the chat app on it to be able to run both on a mobile device and on a computer. How to do that? Thank you.

Write a chat app for your website....

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So Jaz, your ambition is to write a chat system that works with Smartphones and your website, like WhatsApp? I do not know how to synch between the two (I think TimAI2 may know). is a good source:

ChrisWard, who is TimAI2? Thanks.

Here I am :wink: