Conversion of a list of texts to a list of floats

Hello everyone,

I am quite new with MIT App inventor and i would like to know how it is possible to convert a list of texts to a list of floats?
Per example : ["1545.6", "1548.9"] to [1545.6, 1548.9]

Thank you!

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Sep '20

If you must:


but as previously said, the string will be treated as a number in mathematical operations. However, the number may be treated differently in (online databases) - e.g. firebase/mySQL/sqLite - but this will depend on how you transfer it.

This is a list of strings, fyi.
Floats are same as Integers but with decimal values.

Adding to what @SteveJG said as u r asking for lists this will work -

You should add 0.0 to make it universal solution.
Because 1+0 will be still be treated as 1 and not at 1.0 .

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How did the list of texts arrive into your app?

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