Conundrum (Rebuild the Word)

Conudrum is an anagrammatic game in which you have to reconstruct a word which is the only anagram of another.
You have aids available to make the operation easier.
It seems like an easy game, but it isn't.
Try it.
With Conudrum you can play in English or Italian and if you ask me for the aia file (Free) you can easily set your language.

Conudrum is the remake of an old game that you can find here;

Extensions used:

to make labels clickable
(Please MitAppInventor2 staff make the labels clickable)

For those interested in the file aia, please contact me via PM.


Conundrum ? Or is there a reason for leaving out an n ?

No, there's no reason, just my mistake.
Sorry :fearful::fearful:

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