Controlling LED Pixel chain with AI2 and BLE-NANO

I'm currently trying to control a WS2811 LED pixel chain with the help of AI2 and an Arduino-based BLE board called "BLE-NANO".

I have seen a lot of instructions how to do with Arduino Nano 33 or with an external Bluetooth module, but I can't find a solution for my setup.

My main issues are: I'm new to this topic; I can't find Arduino libraries for this CC2540-based BLE chip;

Has someone already experience with this setup, or someone can help me how to proceed?

At the moment, I'm completely lost.. :wink:

Thank you!

I'm not an Arduino or BLE user, but Google leads me to

as an easy starter to try.

Thank you @ABG!

Okay, after reading into this topic, thinking and trying out, now I know how to do. I will use the default UART serial port in order to transmit the LED info.

I used a BluetoothLE scanner app in order to find out the UUIDs. After sending text to the correct UUID, I was able to see the text in the serial console output of the Arduino IDE.

Now, as I have a clue how to do, the real work begins - making everything to work with my app :wink: