Controlling a line following robot using ESP32(Bluetooth)

Hi.. I'm currently working on my school project, the instructions are as follows:
Robot must use a Bluetooth connection to a mobile phone to track to movement of the robot on the track.
Also include an 2 buttons for stop and start button.

i managed to design a robot with 2 motors and it does follow a black line, my problem is controlling it by a mobile phone.For now i just want to be able to control it by 2 buttons for STOP and FORWARD
the following is a code and MIT app inventor code.Please assist.

Hello Charles - please post your microcontroller Sketch/Script as file that we can download.

  1. What is your microcontroller? Make/Model/ plus Version of Bluetooth if built-in or make/model of Bluetooth Module if not.

  2. What is the Make/Model/Android Version/Bluetooth version of your Smartphone?

Shouldn't that be stop and start?

Hi Chris,

1.I am using a 30 Pin ESP32 Development Board WiFi+Bluetooth Ultra Low Power Consumption Dual Cores ESP-32 ESP-32S Board - RS2282

  1. Android version is 12.
    My mistake is a STOP and START not FORWARD.

Hi Charles

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Hi @Char3les,
maybe you have already checked, but on the serial monitor what do you see when you press a button on your app ?
Second hint is: incoming should be char not int.
Give it a sight :slight_smile:

Here codes with ESP32 and classic Bluetooth
Wemos D1 R32 ESP32. Bluetooth. App Inventor. Enciende/apaga LED12/LED13. Obtiene el estado de los pulsadores. Envía un mensaje a LCD. (it is in Spanish)