Control spotify?

I'm trying to make an app that should be able to control the music I play with spotify (Pause and play). But have no idea how to do it. Spotify has its own api you could use, but how can I use it via app inventor. So what would such a code look like (How should I build such an app?)

Anyone have an idea?

but it doesn't look like I can solve it with a simple WEB (HTTP GET, POST or PUT). What should I do then? they give examples of how to do it via type JavaScript and how do I solve it with app inventor

You need android sdk to control playback.

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The problem with that is that I will have the app for when I go motorcycling, and can't have a local host then (Must set it up online and then anyone can control my music)

I've never used spotify. Why do we need an external application to control music? Where is the sound coming from? doesn't Spotify have its own app where we can control the music?

I'm building an app that will be used as a dashboard for my motorcycle (in the app you should be able to see the status of the motorcycle - for example engine temperature, time, possibility to call people, weather and other things that may be important, such as being able to control the music directly on the dashboard). The music comes from the same mobile phone that the app runs on. Yes, spotify has its own app, but I want to be able to control it from the same place where I control other things, as it can be difficult and dangerous if i have to switch apps while driving