Control exist web page?

I want create an app to fill the tracking number, captcha and click the tracking button

How can i get these elements and control them?
If i am not wrong i have seen an example but i don't remember where.

The link

In Python for example i use this

# Initialize the Chrome WebDriver (you need to have ChromeDriver installed and in your PATH)
driver = webdriver.Chrome()

# Load the web page

# Find the input element for item codes and insert the tracking number
item_codes_input = driver.find_element(By.NAME, "itemCodes")

# Find the input element for the captcha and insert the captcha code
captcha_input = driver.find_element(By.NAME, "code")

# Find the submit button and click it to simulate submitting the form
submit_button = driver.find_element(By.NAME, "Rechercher")

search javascript injection you may get some ideas.

but how do you ocr the captcha?

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Thanks, I will check it
I will try also to get the captcha as an image if that possible
It's just a conversion from webpage to android app

I try this
The captcha get one 0 only
And the tracking number get nothing

It work now

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