Contacts info... more questions

How would one go about extracting a street address, town etc from Contacts information.
I have been messing around with ContactsUri, combined with Activity starter, but literature is so sparse, it's really hard to get a handle on it.

What do you get when you return a contact ?

With Uri, I get the file location, otherwise using the green blocks, tel no.s emails and name, also a list of tel and emails.
I guess I'm looking to get into the file at that locale?

Maybe a little clarity is required....
I do not want to open a contact as one would normally do so to contact someone, but to extract the information for a contacts database of a different nature; business contacts, sports club contacts, frothing mates... etc

No, not any clearer :frowning:

instead of displaying the information for the user, extract the information and add it to another contacts list, a different app

I would start here

and share the resulting .vcf file(s).

Beware, .vcf is also used as a file type in genomics.

can they opened as a file? or extracted from contacts, then opened?

If you look in the Wikipedia article, you can find the text file format.
AI2 can read and write text files (if you can figure out how to get to them.)

thank you sir.
My problem now is that I cannot connect to any companion, chromebook, phone or any device.
After about 3 mins I get an error msg so long it fills the screen and then disappears quickly, I can't copy it or screen snap it...
Working on that for now then will mess with files.

What is your Companion version?


i got a screen shot
same msg on all devices.

I uninstalled the companion on the chromebook, and tried to connect, it forced a download of the companion and seems to work....fingers crossed