Constant "list index too large" errors on testsite

I am experiencing weird “list index too large” errors in the testsite I have exactly the same code at AI2 production site, but not the same issue occurs there.

Does anyone have the same experience? How to get over this issue?
I would rather user the testenv for testing and developing my app because the camera storage problem is fixed there but not in the prodenv.

The error pic is attached.


It is only for testing....

You could try using the ai2test server which has the camera fix (but always download your aia on a regular basis!)

Based purely on your error message, and not having seen your code,
it looks like you asked something somewhere for a list, and blindly assumed it
would return at least 2 items in that list.

From the data shown in the error message, what you received was a list with
just one item, the string “0 results”. That looks like a result from asking
a database engine (or file system?) to search for something, but getting a response that nothing was found.

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