Constant disconnection issues

Is anyone else having the issue of instant disconnection? I cannot do anything with my companion immediately disconnecting when I hit a button, list item, etc. I thought it was just the camera that did it after 2 or 3 seconds, but now I cannot maintain a connection.


Which browser/device combination are you using? Do you have any extensions enabled in your browser? If so, which ones? Some extensions are known to interfere with certain connection modes.

Sorry for the delay in returning a response. I typically use a Chromebook and samsung s8. Usually no issues.
I am using an extension from Taifun, an image manipulator, Taifunimage. I am trying to write a book inventory app, with images to see as the image is always turned 90 in android, and I am trying to use an image as the background of a layout, in the background.
I have decided that there will be no images for now.
The other issue I have is that when I use an image in the app, it never puts the image where It's supposed to be, it offsets it usually up about half the image height. it seems to centre the image whenever the device is.

After all that, and removing the taifun image extension, it closes the app after selecting a list item. Sometimes it gives an error message (simply stating the app has closed), sometimes it doesn't.

See my website, you are not using the Layout Blocks properly Charley:

ProfessorCad: Tips & Tricks GUI Layout
ProfessorCad: Tips & Tricks Images

We would need to see your Project to try to find the cause of that issue. Unlikely to have anything to do with Taifun's extension, as you have discovered.

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I will post the aia, After closing every down it and restarting, without the taifun extension, it seems to be working better. I would like to figure it out though.

my_books.aia (100.9 KB)

This is with offending blocks removed