Constant CloudDBError in AI2 testsite

I am testing my app on the AI2 testsite because the annoying “Camera did not return image” has been corrected there.
However, on this testsite my app is constantly alerting the following notification:

Does anybody know how to get rid of this??

The test site isn’t set up with default credentials so you’ll need to provide your own or use the production server. The camera fix should be in the next release in a few days’ time.

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Sorry I dod not quite understand that how testsite credentials are related to the error message I am receiving. I am also using my own account there anyway. Could you be more precise please?

CloudDB is not setup on the test site. Use your own CloudDB (Redis Server) with it’s credentials. Otherwise you will just need to wait until the new release for the camera fix to be on the main production server.

Ah, ok now I got it;
I had one CloudDB component in my app page1 and I had just inserted that by a mistake.
Thank you for enlighting me :slight_smile:

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