"Connection Timed Out" Server Error


I get this error from app inventor website : "Connection Timed Out"
From test website ( ai2-test.appinventor )

The same from main website : ai2.appinventor

code.appinventor works normally.

Any idea how to fix it?

Thank you
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How big is your app?

I have many different apps on both sites. All apps within the allowed app size limits.

ai2-test.appinventor worked for a minute, now I get this error " This site can’t be reached"

ai2.appinventor still not working

This link will take you to your Project List, without trying to open any project:
MIT App Inventor

Does that work for you?

(That tells us if it's your network, versus any particular project.)

Thank you for your help.

No it's not working. It redirects to : ai2.appinventor.mit.edu/?autoload=false

And shows "Connection Timed Out" message.

I'm running out of potential differences:

  • http vs https
  • Opera browser vs Chrome vs Firefox
  • home vs school vs work
  • browser network (cell carrier vs wired)
  • http vs https didn't work
  • Opera vs Chrome vs Firefox didn't work

When I changed connection to cell carrier instead of Wifi both sites worked normally !

Any idea why they're not working on Wifi connection ?

Thank you very much for your help, really appreciated.

That's counter-intuitive.
I would expect WiFi to be faster.
But the choice of carrier might make a difference in

  • political boundaries
  • competition for bandwidth (NetFlix?)
  • local network management

Yes I agree with you, it's probably local network management.

Thank you very much for your kind help

Same problem
Did any one fix it
Connection timed out