Connection through wifi gets a try again message from MITAPPINVENTOR

I am a teacher in Canada who has students stuck in India due to the lockdown there and when the student tries to sign up for MITAPPINVENTOR, she get a try again later. I am thinking this is a wifi problem on her end as the speed test shows .38 download and a 3.68 upload . Any ideas to help her?

App Inventor 2 is a Web application. Are the students getting stopped when logging in or when they start developing?

  1. The students appear to be using a slow Internet connection, whether due to heavy subscriber use or just a dial up network. Your students possibly could install a ‘stand alone’ version of App Inventor compiled by third party vendors which does not use the Internet. These work entirely on a persons computer. There are several of these AI2 clones listed on Taifun’s Web page . If the student’s have moderate computing skills, they possibly could install one of these on their computers. the clones are NOT sponsered or maintained by MIT. Many find these useful where an Internet connect is absent or unreliable. Download one and try it; it might be what they could use. Follow the providers instructions.

  2. The try again message also could result from attempting to load a large Project (one with large image or audio files). Can they run successfully a small project. Just place an Button on the designer and load that using Companion. Do they get the same message? A less elaborate Project may run while a larger one might not.

  3. . Close all other browser windows except for AI2. Do not stream music. Might work.

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thank you for the ideas, the problem one student is having is logging in, I will certainly have her try one of the clones that you recommended.