Connecting Webview with BarcodeScanner

Hi, I am new to MIT App Inventor and have little experience in using it.

I created a screen to display WebView to Google Forms. I have created questions in Google Form, and want to fill one of the questions using BarcodeScanner.
However, I cannot connect the BarcodeScanner results to the Google Form Question (BarcodeScanner results do not enter the answer column in my Google Form).

Experts, please help me with this problem, and I hope you can provide an example of a Block Screenshot.

Thank you.

Here's what I've compiled:
ROGER.aia (2.4 KB)

If that is the only element you need to automatically enter to the form, you could create a pre-filled form with the barcodescanner result.

This video explains how you might do it with google sheets

You would need to get the barcodescan result before creating the pre-filled google form (you might be able to add other fields as well, depending on your form).

After I watched the video, I realised that the method can be done on the same Google Form, but if the WebView switches to a different Google Form, will it work?

Because the Google Form that will be displayed on the WebView, will change every week for student evaluation purposes.
Is it possible that this can be done?

In what way will the google form change every week ?

The link will be taken from the spreadsheet as follows (see in the picture):

(retrieving the Link from the Spreadsheet is planned to be done during Screen1 Initialise, but I have not yet reached that stage).

If I may add the following explanation:
Every week before the weekend, the teacher will fill in the link on the Spreadsheet Table (according to the test or evaluation that has been created by the teacher with Google Form) and students can work through the application that will be created.

Why I want to add Google Form answer filling with BarcodeScanner is because each student has to fill in his/her 12 digit identity number every time he/she takes the test or evaluation, and this causes very frequent filling errors.
Is this still possible to do?

Yes, but you will need a prefilled link so that you can add the barcodescan result to the form link before going to the form. ( I seem to be repeating myself)

Can the teacher provide the pre-filled link (no need to enter anything) instead of the normal link ?

An example of how you might do it:

(I split the prefilledurl up so you could see it all)


Ahaaa... this idea is brilliant and I can do it now. I really appreciate your help. Thank you @TIMAI2 :pray:

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