Connecting to an ESP32 Mesh Network

Does anyone have information on doing this? I can't find any resources. I'm using painlessMesh for ESP32, and I want to send Strings from my app to the mesh network. Thank you.

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I think You have to configure an Esp32 as WebServer, this Esp32 receive the information from your app and send the information to the others Esp32 of the Mesh Network.
This article could be a point where to start:

Ciao Marco

Thanks Marco. I've read about ESP-NOW, and it seems that you have to send messages to the MAC addresses of the boards in the mesh. I'm looking for a solution where I'm not limited to specific MAC addresses - rather, I want to be able to vary the number of boards used, send out messages to all boards, and have each board in the mesh interpret the message accordingly.

I think I've got it working now. I'm creating a painleshMesh, and also an Access Point server to read the App data. They both seem to be running correctly. :+1: