Connecting the Google Cloud SQL for MIT App Inventor

Good day, everyone. I want to ask if using Google Cloud SQL for MIT App Invetor is possible? The app that will create is for inventory, and sales for our vending machine project. The database that use for vending machine is Google Cloud SQL that based in PostgreSQL.

Google appear to offer an extensive REST API for Google Cloud SQL, so you could use the web component, though you may want to do everything in a webviewer....

Otherwise a specialised extension would be needed to be written. Difficult/costly for most extension developers as Cloud SQL is a paid service.

Have you considered just running your own MySQL/PostgreSQL on a VPS or similar ?

HI, thanks for your reply. However the Google Cloud SQL im referring to is actually a PostgreSQL instace. Although i havent checked about the REST API, im not sure if i can use that wih PostgreSQL instance. Cost doesnt matter for now as its only POC and we need to make it always available and we dont have a dedicated server that's always open to the internet yet.