Connecting BBC microbit V2 to Mit App Inventor

How can i connect BBC microbit V2 to Mit App Inventor?

Welcome Vera.

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Thank you very much.

Hello Vera, welcome to the App Inventor Community

You will need to use the MIT BLE Extension. Unfortunately, at the moment connecting to the micro:bit is not plain sailing. However, this Topic should help:

The very latest BLE Extension:

Hi Vera,
What do you want to do with the micro:bit while connected to a phone?
What is the version of Android that you have on your phone?

Hi Ghica.

I want the micro:bit to be sending and receiving information with the app I will create on MIT App Inventor.

Thank you very much

Here is a link to my tutorial, which includes a ready made .aia and a .hex file for communication between AppInventor and micro:bit.
I have updated the .aia to include the newest BLE extension.


Thank you very much @Ghica