Connecting a BluetoothLE Remote Shutter to an APP

Hello everybody,

I trie to connect an BLE Remote Shutter (hama BRS3) with my app. With the Tutorial "App Inventor + IoT: Basic
Bluetooth Connection Setup" i made the connection. So the problem now is to receive the button-click (Volume-up). Which UUID do I have to use with which command (ReadStrings/ReadBytes...)???

Here are the informations about the hama BRS3:

I would be very grateful for any help!!! :slight_smile:

I have the same problem,
I use Bluetooth LE and I succesfully connect the shutter to my app. I'm able to take some information about bluetooth shutter (the name, if it is connect… ecc), the only problem is to receive the button-click.
Please help US

I am adding myself to the group. I was able to retrieve battery info, which is pretty default but unable to discover any UUID to subscribe to the button click that behave as volume-up and also as camera click in a smartphone . If this is a standard or generic HID service, I could not find any documentation to further explore it.

Apparently the button click is taken over by the host os (Android) as being an HID device and the associated service is not visible .
I am still discovering things on this topic, therefore I might not be accurate with what I am writing but if the button click is not a dedicated or custom service/characteristic then it cannot be discovered and subscribed to.