Connect two tablettes

Hi everyone I would like to know if there is a way to connect two tablets without using the bluetooth function? thank you

What exactly do you want to do after connecting them (such as sharing files)?
I'm not sure if there's a way to connect them, but you can do the necessary tasks individually, as opposed to linking the two devices together in a similar fashion to BT.

I would like some text to appear on the second tablet

Although I'm not an expert, CloudDB seems like the best option here.
Here's how the app should, in my opinion, look and function like:
connectTwoDevices.aia (2.2 KB)

Again, not a direct tablet to tablet connection, but if they are both using the same local wifi connection, you could setup a local tinyWebDB on the same local network (if you have a local server) to exchange data.

Bluetooth is the way to go for direct device connections, why not use it ? (or do the devices not have bluetooth?)


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