Connect to (e.g store/getvalue) TinyWebDB and CloudDB from computer/browser?

When using TinyWebBD you can go to and easily store/getvalue under a given tag. But TinyWebDB of course has its limitations.

What are the options to connect to and in the same way as with TinyWebBD above easily store/getvalue to your CloudDB-project (with info like ProjectID and Token) from a computer client or browser, except from doing it from the app itself? If there are any such options?

Use your own redis server?

Ok - thanks! I understand!

But is it possible to use like Redis cli or Redisinsight to connect to a separate App Inventor/CloudDB-project?

Yes, you can use an external redis server in the cloudDB configuration. The only issue may be SSL.

Ok - instead of DEFAULT you mean?

Yes, set your own url there, try to use the same port number/s otherwise things can get confusing.

A full howto here:

and my preferred method:

If you have some knowledge of Java, you can port the TinyWebDB component source code (after some changes) and run it on your computer with the same credentials. But ofc, it would require some Java skills at the end.

And then there is always:

Ok thanks both of you - I'll take a look at this!