Connect to a Watchface

Is it possible to build an app with AI2 and connect it to a watchface?

Does a "watchface" have a suitable interface (api) in order to connect an Ai2 app ?

i dont know, thats why im asking ^^

Let us start again.

I will assume you are referring to smart watches ("watchface" isn't a thing....)

at time of writing, this is all we know:

Suggest you search google for more information about smart watch connectivity, I am guessing most will use either bluetooth or wifi in some form or other....

The Smart Watch Manufactures provide an API or SDK library of functions that can be incorporated into an App. For App Inventor, this must be an extension. There has been some activity, have not seen a result:

In that same Topic is a reference to a more Universal API that more than one manufacturer uses.

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